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Booking Sessions

If you would like to book in for a Therapy session, please do get in touch.

All sessions take place remotely at a time & place that is convenient for you.

Be You Go Well works with clients internationally & different time zones can be accomodated.

Initially one of our Therapists will meet with you for an assessment session. This is an opporutnity for you to see if the Therapist is a good fit for you & have any questions answered.

Why Therapy?

Therapy is perceived by some folx as a last resort.

At Be You Go Well we see it no differently than other forms of self care and upkeep. Equivilant with going to the gym,  seeing your Doctor, or giving your car an MOT. Dealing with challenges sooner rather than later can be a smart move, to stay ahead in our ever increasingly demanding & busy lives

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