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Reclaiming Our Power The Morning After The Election Result 💔🇬🇧

The exit polls were spot on in closely predicting the outcome, of what was dubbed to be, a once in a generation election.

On looking at my phone bleary eyed this morning consulting news & social media for the result. The disappointment was collective & palpable as my heart sank.

I along with many others in the LGBT community sensed hope slipping away.

No doubt the GRA reform contributed to by 100,000 people in the UK & already relegated way into long grass. Effectively looked as if it was now swimming further off shore, lost in the seas surrounding the UK.

Also the alarming increase in hate crime seems unlikely to wane with this result. Whether that be homophobic, transphobic, racist or otherwise.

The poverty experienced by the many & not the few, seems to hopelessly pervade our society. Evidenced by the increase in food bank shortages & homelessness of which LGBTQI young folk are particularly vulnerable.

So what do we do? It's tempting to hold our heads in our hands & despair, or rage at the political & media machine, which has resulted in this outcome.

Well first let's take care of ourselves, whilst processing this seeming defeat of our hopes & dreams, for a fairer & more inclusive society.

We need to put on our oxygen masks first, so we can then help others around us.

When we feel most vulnerable, oppressed & hopeless we need to prioritise our self care.

1) Take care of basic needs eat well if you can, sleep & rest, take a long bath. Simple things that can make a world of difference.

2) Get outside take a walk feel the cold on your face & the fresh air in your lungs, walk off those feelings of hopelessness.

3) Reach out to others online & in real life. Let's talk to each other vent our disappointment & anger, so we can shift our energy.

4) In prioritising our self care we can begin to rally to a position of taking back our power. Talk, write, draw, spreadsheet, whatever works for you, creatively or otherwise. To express what we want to change & how we may go about making it happen?

5) OK let's work with what we have then!

It looks like we have a great many freshly elected Mps., let's hope they have the energy to keep up with us!

Let's locate the ones who are supportive of our community & the policies we need to effect change.

For those whose constituent representatives are not supportive of our causes. Let's get to work on them, changing hearts & minds.

Let's ALL get politically active emailing, meeting with our Mps, demanding the legislation we need implementing. They have to listen to us & represent us it's their job.

We can galvanise the energy for change that was so clearly evident, through the past days & weeks of the election campaign.

Let's continue with this, let's make our government listen to us, work for us & with us.

All is not lost if we choose to continue, what we have seen works over the decades.

So Rainbow people 🌈😊 we will regroup & do what we have always done, to better change our society.

Over the last 50 years since that fateful night of the Stonewall riots. We have marched, protested, petitioned, & effected tremendous unimaginable change, in our country & our wider world.

We have much to be proud of & yes can stand on the shoulders of the mighty butch giants, fabulous femmes & trans elders who have bravely gone before us.

I do not believe the spirit of the LGBTQI community can be crushed by one election set back. Certainly not we will march forward, protest, whilst celebrating our pride & working collectively, to achieve the changes we need to see in our society for everyone.

So let's prioritise our self care first, reach out & then rally.

There is much work to be done let's all get onboard & make our country better, fairer, kinder, more inclusive & representative of the diversity reflected in our community & communities within our community!!

All for one & one for all

Stronger together 💪🇬🇧

Be You Go Well 🌈❤️



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