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The New Frontier

Welcome & thank you for dropping by.

Be You Go Well is an online dynamic evolving community for LGBTQI+ folk & our allies.

We currently stand on a new frontier one that could be said to reflect the Civil Rights movement of the 1960's & Gay Rights movement of the 1980's.

Gender & identity politics are the subject of much hostile heated debate both online & in the mainstream media.

Be You Go Well is born out of the backdrop of our current social & political climate.

Only today Pink News published an article stating LGBTQ acceptance is at its lowest level for 30 years.

We need each other more than ever to weather the storm to celebrate who we are with no apologies required.

Be You Go Well carries this message quite simply.

We launch in November 2019 & I'm excited to get to know you all. Hop aboard there is much more to come, we are going to have a queer old time!!! 😁🏳️‍🌈



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