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Election Fever 48 Hours To Go!! 

So here we go again....

Another election, another opportunity to have our say, about who runs our country & the policies that will dictate, the next 5 years of our lives.

Yet this time something feels different, there seems to be a heightened energy, to our current political climate. In part illustrated by the "youthquake" record numbers of British young people, clammering to ensure they could vote.

Indeed my own malaise regarding getting round to registering, was promptly interrupted by one of the many unprecedented celebrity endorsements, to get myself organised & registered. So thank you Sue Perkins for the timely tweet!! 😊👍

Globally much has changed beyond recognition over these past few years. The United Kingdom is mirroring this & experiencing our own shake up, against the lessons learned of recent years.

Wherever you stand on the hot potato issues of Brexit, climate change, poverty, Lgbt rights & human rights in general, one thing has become so evidently clear.

We all have a voice & more importantly a responsibility to use our voices, our votes & our social conscience, to effect the changes we wish to see.

Now is not the time to sit back, now is the time to stand up, be heard & defend the causes close to our hearts.

Our freedom to cast our vote has been a hard-won luxury bestowed upon us, by the suffering of those who have gone before us. Who battled, marched, protested, were imprisoned & worse, because they believed in fighting for social justice.

This is reflected in the political parties, laws & policies with all their flaws far from perfect, we have in front of us.

However we most not forget, that we have choices generations before us, would not have dared dream of.

So whoever you choose come rain wind or stormy weather!! Let's get out there & vote on Thursday.

Let your voice be heard, exercising the immense freedom we have to shape our future & change our world 🌍

Be You Go Well 🌈❤️

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